Our Work

We are solution-Oriented

4 out of 7 without access to education and learning materials live in rural areas, and are from poor households. That’s where we focus our efforts.

With the help of kind strangers, we pay for school fees, buy books, and provide learning materials to these children in need.

How It Works

With the help of the local communities, we identify kids at high risk of dropping out of school due to lack of fees.

We tell their stories through social media to help fundraise and find the best sustainable solution for each of these kids. Since we are a small project, we mainly fundraise through gift cards, and any other products available in our online Charity Shop.

100% of the funds received from fundraising efforts are used to pay for school fees and school lunches, and buy books, school uniform, and other school supplies.

Access to Education has given Rose, Queen Marion, and Ann hope for a better future

Meet them and see their progress Here.