About Us

For kids growing up in poor households, an education can change everything.

The School First Project is a non-profit project purposed to support the primary, secondary and higher education of needy children in Kenya. Across the country, we do whatever it takes to help children in need thrive and reach their full potential through education.

Before branching out to reach children in other parts of the country, the School First Project started out as a community endeavor in Oyugis, a small town in Homa Bay County in Kenya. We noticed that a majority of the families in the rural areas of Oyugis town are either small scale farmers, or make a living selling groceries. With an average of 4 children per household, the family’s income of less than $3 each day is only enough to feed the family. To them, it becomes almost impossible for these households to meet the costs of educating their children. Many children are starting to notice this trend, and they are, sadly, starting to lose hope of ever reaching their dreams.

Through supporting the education of these children, this project aims to give them hope for a better tomorrow.

Meet the Founder

Hi. My name is Angela Adhiambo.

Since 2015, I’ve helped more than 120 girls get an education; the concept of helping others, especially kids, has always felt like home to me.

I started this project with the help of a few friends in the United States, and the local community.

Since I started, I’ve witnessed first-hand how systemic inequalities can rob innocent children of a bright future.

I’ve seen kids study hard to get good grades only to end up dropping out due to lack of school fees.

I’ve seen kids write on cardboard boxes because their parents couldn’t afford to buy them books.

I’ve seen children in kindergarten go a whole day in school without lunch because their parents couldn’t afford to pay for both schooling and meals. And it is heartbreaking.

But worst of all, I’ve seen kids opt to work menial jobs instead of going to school in an attempt to help their parents educate their younger siblings.

It sucks to see them robbed of a better future because of circumstances beyond their control. ALL children should have access to education. They should all be free to learn and thrive in the best possible environment.

I’ve turned my full attention to helping kids go back to school. That is the utmost priority. And with a little help from kind strangers, I believe that the best is yet to come.