“Help us get these kids back to school”

Educating the Less Fortunate

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Served Over 0 Children all over the country.

School First

Education remains an inaccessible right to these kids. Help us help them.


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Many kids in rural Kenya still do not have access to education. Together, we can change that.


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Donate tools to fight illiteracy. Books, pens, computers, uniforms, bags, shoes, and more

Fight Illiteracy

Promote the right of every child to education. Join the fight and help us transform lives today

Give A Little, Change A Lot

Progress education as a tool against poverty. Nothing is too little, $0.50 buys a child's lunch

Our Work

“In a world where nearly 400 million children belong to families that live on less than $1.90 a day, child sponsorship is a strategic way to provide children with compassion, resources, and hope.”

Donate Tools for Education

3 out of 5 children in Kenya do not have the basic materials needed to support learning. Your $15 monthly donation can give 1 child access to quality education for 1 WHOLE YEAR. 100% of your generosity will bring pens, pencils, and books to these kids.

Support Learning

Donated $10/month for
Books, pens, pencils, and boarding school supplies.

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Donated $15/month for
one year schooling for a needy child

Donate story books!

Got any good story books you’d like to share? Children love stories!


Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

Brian’s Story

Meet Brian, whose pursuit of education continues to defy all odds.

This is a true story. Brian remains hopeful that he will soon be able to finish his high school education. His story continues to unfold, and is even more inspiring today.

When We Come Together

Learn about breaking the cycle of poverty through education.

With the help of a well-wisher, or little Rosie was finally able to join school this year! She sleeps holding her school bag and has recently learned to draw a cat! Read more about our Rosie.

Queen’s Story

Meet Queen; a future teacher.

This is a true story. Our Queenie has since benefited from the generosity of our sponsors, and is now in her final year of Primary School. Her story continues to unfold, and is even more beautiful now.

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How Can you help?

Tuition Fee Drive

Tuition normally costs between $50 and $400 per year across 95% of schools in Kenya.

School Supplies Drive

Donate supplies or funds to help needy kids optimize their time in class.

Uniform and Meals

Learning is difficult without the right uniform and on an empty stomach. Make a difference